Sketch comedy about modern relationships

Tranches de vie

Music Composition, Television

« Tranches de vie » is a sketch comedy about modern relationships and follows the daily lives of four couples in Quebec.

Each week, a who's-who of Quebec comedic talent brings you these hilarious "slices of life." Featuring Pauline Martin, Raymond Bouchard, Édith Cochrane, Jean-Michel Anctil, Josée Deschênes, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Steve Laplante and Maxime Tremblay.

Featured Video

Tranches de vie: Episode 30 excerpts (Best Of)
  • Client: TVA
  • Producer: Sylvie Fréchette,
  • Director: François Bégin, Gilbert Dumas
  • Year: 2012
  • Country: Canada
  • Broadcaster: TVA
  • Production co: TVA
  • Exec Producer: François Carignan
  • Composer: Tim Rideout
  • Principal Actors: Jean-Michel Anctil (Jean-Guy), Émilie Bibeau (Amélie), Emmanuel Bilodeau (Luc), Raymond Bouchard (Daniel), Édith Cochrane (Claire), Josée Deschênes (Suzanne), Steve Laplante (Mathieu), Pauline Martin (Murielle)

Other Info

Opening theme and additional music by  Luis Clavis, Julien Corriveau,Fanny GrosJean and Jean-François Provençal



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