An animated series for kids ages six to nine

Jack the Explorer

Music Composition, New Media, Television

A fun‐loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing “Planet Earth” sets out on a series of daring and fun adventures with his robotic assistant and fun-loving dog.

Jack is an animated series perfect for children from six to nine years old. By mixing humour, adventure, and science, the series helps children discover amazing new facts about the world and space around us, all while following the exciting adventures of our hero Jack.

The show features some of Canada’s finest creative talent, including director Steven Majaury who mixes in ample doses of humour, adventure, fun and learning and composer  Tim Rideout who's musical score combines bombastic beats and sweeping symphonic soundscapes for this CGI-animated series.

Featured Video

Let's Jet! (Theme from "Jack the Explorer")


  • Client: Groupe PVP
  • Director: Steven Majaury
  • Year: 2012
  • Country: Canada
  • Broadcaster: Radio-Canada, TVO Kids, Knowledge Network
  • Production co: Groupe PVP
  • Exec Producer: François Trudel
  • Composer: Tim Rideout
  • Animator: Sparky Animation
  • Music Editor: Kerry Roebuck
  • Awards: 2012 Gémeaux Award Winner, Best Digital Project in a Children's or Youth Series, 2012 Gémeaux Award Nominee, Best Animated Program or Series, 2012 Numix Award Winner, Convergence Production: Youth, 2013 Youth Media Alliance Winner:Best TV Program, Animation, Ages 6-8, 2013 Canadian Screen Awards Nominee, Best Animated Program or Series


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