The Strongest Man in the World

Louis Cyr

Music Composition, Film

A French-Canadian laborer is convinced by an Irish promoter to leave his family in order to demonstrate his immense physical strength at fairs across the country.

The film is the story of an exceptionally strong human being - a legendary hero who is also an extremely vulnerable man, a man who must overcome many battles, the toughest of which stand outside the sports arena.

Cyr and his girlfriend Mélina Comtois set out on their debut tour that lasts six months and ends when the promoter takes off with all the money. Rolling up his sleeves, Cyr continues to travel as a strong man with Mélina, whom he has married, and ends up in Montreal, where he meets Horace Barré, a strong man who becomes his most faithful ally, and Gustave Lambert, an agent who helps to revive his career on the Montreal scene. Louis becomes an overnight sensation. Encouraged by his success, Louis only has one goal: to win the title of the strongest man in the world

Louis Cyr was born in Napierville, QC and patrolled as a policeman between 1883 and 1885 in Petite-Bourgogne, Montreal.

About the Music

Montreal composer and musician Tim Rideout is co-composer of the film’s soundtrack, working alongside renowned producer Éloi Painchaud and lead composer, international cello star Jorane.With ten albums, hundreds of shows throughout Quebec, several world tours and rich and varied artistic collaborations, Jorane’s music has seduced audiences and critics, leaving an indelible mark on Quebec’s cultural landscape.

Rideout’s role in the compositional trio includes not only music writing duties, but orchestration, use of virtual instruments and playing live percussion.

My job is not just to compose music, it’s also to be a team player. So, if Jorane comes up with a melody, or Éloi with a motif on piano, my job as orchestrator is to make it sound epic – or sweet – depending on the mood we are trying to create. I need to be an extension of the lead composer’s creativity, while suggesting my own ideas as well.

The Fredericton native uses the latest technology in “virtual instruments” to make the music sound worthy of a Hollywood production.

We used these huge instrumental libraries to emulate a real orchestra. Then, we had a small five-piece orchestra come in and record over top of the digital tracks. Our musical references for the film were composers such as Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer. From the response and comments we’re getting, the soundtrack is worthy of these names. People love it, and I must admit, when I see it and hear it on the big screen, it blows me away. I seriously have the best job in the world.

Featured Video

Louis Cyr Official Trailer
  • Client: Christal Films, Les Films Séville
  • Producer: Christian Larouche , Caroline Héroux
  • Director: Daniel Roby
  • Year: 2013
  • Country: Canada
  • Production co: Christal Films
  • Distributor: Christal Films
  • Exec Producer: Stéphanie Héroux
  • Composer: Jorane, Éloi Painchaud, Tim Rideout
  • Orchestrator: Tim Rideout
  • Principal Actors: Antoine Bertrand (Louis Cyr), Guillaume Cyr (Horace Barré), Gilbert Sicotte (Gustave Lambert), Rose-Maïté Erkoreka (Mélina Cyr), Gil Bellows (Richard K. Fox)
  • Writer: Sylvain Guy
  • Audio Engineer: Éloi Painchaud, Bernard Gariépy Strobl


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