Five friends. Five smartphones. How far will they go to be famous?

Happy Slapping

Music Composition, Audio Post-Production, Film, Mobile Device

Five suburban youths embark on a night of violence in the city, attacking unsuspecting victims while recording the assaults on smartphones.

This ground-breaking film asks the perennial question posed by youth worldwide: “How far would you go to be famous?”

A group of bored teenagers seek out fame by creating an evening so shocking that their footage will turn them into instant internet celebrities. After they are rivaled by another gang and intimidated by their on-line idol, they are forced to take their mischief up a notch if they want to make a name for themselves.

The film was shot entirely by the teenagers on their cell phones.

About the Music

Composer Tim Rideout adds dark brooding underscore to the film's tense moments and narrative, alongside Montreal hip hop artist Annakin Slayd, who's urban tracks punctuate the film with raw energy.

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Happy Slapping Trailer


  • Client: One Man Band Films
  • Producer: Debra Kouri, Andrew Farrar, Vito G. Balenzano
  • Director: Christos Sourligas
  • Year: 2014
  • Country: Canada
  • Production co: One Man Band Films
  • Distributor: iTunes
  • Exec Producer: Christos Sourligas
  • Composer: Tim Rideout, Annakin Slayd
  • Principal Actors: Jesse Camacho, Alex Harrouch, Jaa Smith-Johnson, Erica Deutschman, Laurin Elizabeth Padolina, Tristan D. Lalla
  • Audio Engineer: Tod Van Dyk, Andrew Mazepa
  • Audio Post: Tim Rideout
  • Picture Editor: Becca Arsenault, Tony Asimakopoulos, Joseph Bohbot
  • Music Editor: Tim Rideout

Video Excerpts

Wiggy "Happy Slaps" a Family
CTV News Story


"... a film that resembles The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity in its reality-style camera footage acquired from hand-held iPhone cameras..." -The Hollywood Reporter

"Ahead of its time." - The Montreal Gazette



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